Thursday, 27 January 2011

This is what some people think of artistic photography:)

Artistic photography - a higher level of photography. Must be black and white or sepia tone, well, if the analog (digital is "yuck"), otherwise there is no soul. Shows the face of an old woman (mainstream classical) or a young ass (mainstream neoclassical). Photographer representing the current classic is disgusted with commercialism and eats soup with parsley grown on the balcony. Artists, photographers are misunderstood by the environment with the exception of thematic services, where their black-and-white prints with the face of the old women occupy top positions in the rankings. However, the footsteps of artists widely understood artists, photographers are not only misunderstood by the environment, but also do not understand themselves, hence the internal conflict, externalize through black-and-white photograph of an old woman. Artist, photographer of the neo-classical wife no longer gives the rear, but that was once a photographer in the scouting movement and knows about it, it is young ass who does not rozebrałyby for money, but in the name of art - will be happy.The artistic photography not found distribution by subject. All the eminent black and white represent the type of work: the horror and the macabre.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

My photography website

One day I want to start a serois photography website. Right know, I'm happy with my blog, but one day.. The competition is huge though. Tere are hundreds of photography websites. Most of them are in english though, so I'm thinking mine would be in Danish. I searched this useful tool, Danish Serp Archives, to see what the competition looks like and its definately smaller than the English-American market. That's good news for me I suppose!

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Sunday session

Sunday is a day session for the wedding house Marija. After a long break, our paths will cross again. We are meeting up to photograph the new wedding dresses. Photos will take place at the Sheraton Hotel with three models. It's going to be a great session!

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

History of Photography part 3

1861 - First permanent color photograph of the physicist James Maxwell Clerk.
1907 - Lumière brothers introduced the first CD on the market for color photography, Autochrome. They were produced from dyead potato starch.
1935 - First sale of contemporary tri-color film, Kodachrome (most of today's color films, except Kodachrome, uses the technology developed for the Agfacolor film in 1936).
1963 - Instant color Polaroid.