Saturday, 2 April 2011

Shooting against the light

In a sense, similar conditions occur when shooting in counterpoint, which is when we want to compose a frame lit from behind. Who has not photographed in the setting sun? When we see the light when we see a scene bathed in a warm glow. Composing the frame into the sun, we see mainly one dominant color, zalewający all elements of the frame and accenting the contours. Art photography is reduced if the skill in the frame arrangement of identically illuminated elements, which in addition have the same color.

Similar conditions - only on a smaller scale - we find, photographing details of objects of one color. Such an exercise can be very helpful for understanding the light and show its impact on surface texture and shape of objects.

You can even see what impression we have on various colors. Try to do under various pictures of the selected portion of the old wall. Just a slight change of light, and the entire frame is completely different. Taking pictures of this wall, also changes the white balance. Since a small portion - no one accuse you of adulteration of colors. You can not compare them yet with any frame of reference. And we can find out how even slight changes in tone affect the reception of images. Has a completely different impression of the same wall picture of a warm or cool shade. Do not believe me? See for yourself by doing a psychological test among their friends.

Color photos do not always have to be full of color to make them interesting. Does not always need to be built in the "optimal" conditions. Pictures taken by the light of generally recognized as weak may be interesting for the audience to its mood. Especially when the author will concentrate on composition. The resignation of the full range of colors is also an interesting idea for a picture. Today's attacks us from all sides so many pictures of meganasyconych colors that a calmer image with a reduced scale may be salvation for the eye.