Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Macro photography

In macro photography, as in other forms of photography, the photograph should provide some idea of the photographer. First of all, we need to think about what we want to show the photos, and then expose it in the picture. We can show the object in its natural environment. Then we use a wider frame (may be helpful here wide-angle lens). We leave it as sharp background, bearing in mind that the sharp focus on the object. Such an approach can help us create the impression of three-dimensional photography. We can also focus on the same site or part thereof. Then we use rather a tight team. Will help us highlight the object also has a small depth of field. Let us remember that the human eye focuses more attention on the elements of a more acute. Blurred background can help us draw the viewer's attention on what we want to show. If we use a specialized kit for macro photography, we can not have too many possibilities to regulate the depth of field, because at high magnification is very low. If at high magnification the depth of field is too low, obviously we can improve it slightly by increasing the maximum aperture. Important is also the choice between vertical and horizontal camera. Slender objects present themselves better at the vertical orientation of the image, while the broad and extensive in the horizontal. On the other hand, if we do pociągłego picture of the object (eg, grasshopper) perspective, the use of horizontal frame will help us to extend the facility.