Friday, 4 March 2011

Macro photography in a studio

When photographing in a studio environment, it is worth asking whether the object would be better to be presented on a light or dark background. In the studio we also have ample opportunities to operate the light. If we use the flash should put on her light scattering diffuser to avoid glare, which are a common problem with macro photography. The open-air conditions, where probably the most performed macro photography, lighting can cause us some trouble. Although the sun does not move, but can be a little obscure, causing a shadow or distract with translucent fabric. We also try to approach the object from the other side. Note, however, that if the background is in shadow and the object will be illuminated by the sun, the background of the picture may be underexposed. By contrast, if the object is in shadow, and background will be lit, they may be burnout.